Sir Cadillac invites Dimi Stuff

A special night at Velis Cafe (Athens) - Sir Cadillac invites our family member Dimi Stuff (House of Love Radio Show).

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Defected presents For The Love Of House Volume 7

For The Love Of House Volume 7 is the latest instalment in a series of compilations curated by Defected’s Simon Dumore and Classic’s Luke Solomon. This new album brings us music from house heavyweights like DJ Sneak, Todd Terry and Masters at Work as well as remixes from MK and Carl Craig. For The Love of House is all about classic, soulful and genre defining house, with tracks from influential artists and iconic labels alike. The flagship series has once again collated some of the biggest house tracks from across the past three decades.

Defected presents For The Love Of House Volume 7

1. Simon Shaw ‘Defected presents For The Love Of House Volume 7 Mix 1’

2. Simon Shaw ‘Defected presents For The Love Of House Volume 7 Mix 2'

3. Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’
Written by Louie Vega
Produced & Mixed by ‘Little’ Louie Vega for Masters At Work Productions, Inc.
Vocals by Barbara Tucker
Mixed @ Double Platinum Studios 
Engineered by Erick ‘More’ Morillo
Published by Indilu Publishing (BMI) / New York House Music (BMI)
P&C 1993 Strictly Rhythm Records, Inc.

4. Dj Sneak ‘You Can't Hide From Your Bud’
Written & Produced by DJ Sneak
Published by Copyright Control
P&C 1997 DJ Sneak

5. Todd Terry ‘Jumpin’’ (Original Mix)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Todd Terry
Published by Copyright Control
P&C 1994 Inhouse

6. Blaze presents UDA featuring Barbara Tucker ‘Most Precious Love’ (DF Future 3000 Mix)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Blaze 
Vocals by Barbara Tucker
Background Vocals by Third Ministry Of Faith
Remix & Additional Production by Dennis Ferrer for Sfere Recordings
Keyboards & Drum Programming by Dennis Ferrer
Published by Music of Nia Songs (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI)
P&C 2005 Defected Records under exclusive license from Nite Grooves/ /King Street Sounds a division of Hi’s Production USA, Inc.

7. Sandy Rivera featuring Haze ‘Changes’ (Original Mix)
Written by Sandy Rivera & Harikrish Menon Ramachandran
Produced by Sandy Rivera for Kings Of Tomorrow Productions & Haze courtesy of Haze Entertainment
Mixed by Sandy Rivera
Vocal Performance by Haze
Published by Defected Music Ltd
P&C 2002 Defected Records Limited

8. Masters At Work ‘The Ha Dance’ (Ken / Lou Mixx)
Written by Kenny Dope & Louie Vega
Produced & Mixed by Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez &‘Little’ Louie Vega for Masters At Work Productions, Inc.
Executive Producers: Amado & Aldo Marin
Under License from Cutting Records, Inc. (USA)
Published by That Boy Music (BMI)/It's Time Music (BMI) & K-Dope Music (ASCAP)
P&C 1991 Cutting Records, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

9. Inner City ‘Good Life (Buena Vida)’ (Carl Craig Mix)
Written by Ann Saunderson, Kevin Saunderson, Paris Grey & Roy Holman
Produced by Kevin Saunderson for KMS Productions
Engineer: Jim Kissling
Re-Sung Vocals by Paris Grey
Additional Vocals by Ann Saunderson
Spanish Translation by Gina Onyx
Remixed by Carl Craig for Planet E Communications
Published by Stage Three Music/BMG
P&C 1999 Play It Again Sam [PIAS]

10. Sole Fusion ‘Bass Tone’ (House Nation Mix)
Written by Louie Vega
Produced & Mixed by ‘Lil’ Louie Vega for Small Wonders Productions
Executive Producer: G. Pizarro
Drum Programming by ‘Lil’ Louie Vega & John Ciafone
Recorded at Bass Hit Studio B.
Engineered by Phil Pagano
Published by New York House Music (BMI) / Indilu Publishing (BMI)
P&C 1994 Strictly Rhythm Records, Inc.

11. Marc Evans ‘The Way U Love Me’ (Dim’s T.S.O.P. Version)
Written by Gary Ahrens, Marc Evans, Gary Hudgins, Irvin Madden, Sean Spencer & Dimitri Yerasimos
Produced by DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz
Lead Vocals by Marc Evans
Background Vocals by Marc Evans, Jada Davis & KT Spencer
Keyboards by Gary Hudgins
Bass by Irvin Madden
Programming by Ron Hall & DJ Spen 
Mastered by Gary Deane @ Code Red Recording Studios Baltimore MD
Executive Producers: DJ Leo & Neil Pierce
Remix Exclusively Produced & Arranged by Dimitri from Paris for La French House of Entertainment
New Rhythm Section by Los Amigos Invisibles
New Drums by Juan Manuel Roura
New Bass by Jose Rafael Torres
New Keyboards by Armando Figueredo
New Guitar by Jose Luis Pardo
Congas by Mauricio Arcas
New Strings Arranged & Conducted by Vincent Montana, Jr.
New Violins by Igor Szwec, Diane Barnett, Gloria Justen, Louigi Mazzoechi, Olga Konopelsky & Elizabeth Kaderaback
New Violas by Davis Barnett & Nina Cottman
New Cello by Anthony Pirollo
New Vibraharp by Vincent Montana, Jr.
New Rhythm Section recorded at Tu Casa New York City & Casa del rhythmo, Brooklyn
New Strings recorded at The Studio, Philadelphia
New PA engineered by Jeff Chestek
New Vibraharp recorded at Philly Sound Works
Engineered by Louis Benedetti
New Mix by Dimitri from Paris
Additional engineering by Julien Jabre at La French House Studio, Paris
Published by Defected Music Ltd & Blonde Music
P&C 2006 Defected Records

12. Son Of Raw ‘A Black Man In Space’ (Sax Mix)
Written & Produced by Dennis Ferrer
Mixed & Arranged by Dennis Ferrer
Keyboards & Drum Programming by Dennis Ferrer
Sax by Jay Rodriguez
Published by Sfere Music (BMI)
P&C 2007 Objectivity

13. Photon Inc. featuring Paula Brion ‘Generate Power’ (Wild Pitch Mix)
Written by Nathaniel Pierre Jones
Producer by DJ Pierre
Executive Producer: G. Pizarro
Mixed & Edited by George Morel
Special Thanks to Tony Humphries for creating the Buzz of a lifetime.
Original Concept by Phuture
Published by Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP)
P&C 1991 Strictly Rhythm Records, Inc.

14. Cloud 9 ‘Do You Want Me Baby’ (Original Club Mix)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Victor Simonelli for VJS Prod, Inc.
Licensed courtesy of Toolroom Productions Ltd
Published by Simonelli Music (ASCAP)
P&C 2012 Toolroom Productions under exclusive license from VJS Productions, Inc.

15. Quentin Harris ‘Let's Be Young' (Original Mix)
Written & Produced by Quentin Harris
Under license from Strobelight Ltd/NRK Music
Published by Strobelight Ltd
P&C 2005 Strobelight Ltd/NRK Music

16. Chez Damier ‘Can You Feel It’ (MK Dub)
Written by Chez Damier & Marese Thomas
Produced by Chez Damier for KMS Productions
Recording Engineer: Chez Damier
Mix Engineer: Chris Andrews
Mastered at National Sounds, Detroit
Additional Production by Marc Kinchen
Published by Stage Three Music & Copyright Control
P&C 1992 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from KMS Productions, LLC

17. Michelle Weeks ‘The Light’ (Original Mix)
Written by Jamie Lewis & Michelle Weeks
Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Jamie Lewis
Vocals by Michelle Weeks
Additional Keys & Engineering by Flavio Cuva
Published by Purple Publishing & Weeksworldmusic/Bucks Music Limited
P&C 2002 Purple Music

18. The Believers ‘Who Dares To Believe In Me?’ (Original Mix)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Roy Davis Jr
Executive Producer: George Morel
Sax Played by Steve Graeber
Guitar by Bill Graeber‘A Megatrend Production’
Recorded at Megatrend Studios of Chicago
Special Thanks to: Tha World Of House Muzic!
Published by Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP)
P&C 1993 Strictly Rhythm Records, Inc.

19. Liquid People & Africanism ‘The Dragon’
Written by Dan Smith & Conan Manchester
Produced & Arranged by Liquid People 
Drums & Keys Programmed by Conan Manchester & Dan Smith
Mixed by Conan Manchester @ H-O-T-H Studios
Mastered @ The Exchange
Contains Elements of ‘The Ritual’ Interpreted by Nico Gomez with courtesy of Buzzy M. Productions
Written & Composed by L. Lolanbson
Published by BMG Publishing & Westbury Music
P&C 2003 Yellow Productions

20. Wahoo ‘Make Em Shake It’ (Original Mix)
Written by Georg Levin, Steffen Berkhahn & Antoine Green
Produced, Arranged & Programmed by Georg Levin & Steffen ‘Dixon’ Berkhahn for Wahoo Productions 
Vocals by Capitol A
Recorded & Mixed @ Wahooliah
Vocals Recorded by Axel Reinemer @ Exit Studio.
Lyrics Published by Cosmic Lounge Music (ASCAP)
Music Published by Edition Sonar Kollektiv/BMG Publishing 
P&C 2005 Defected Records Ltd under exclusive license from Sonar Kollektiv

21. Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto ‘3am’ (Original Mix)
Written by D. La Rue, Adam Schefrin & Roland Clark
Produced by Danny Harrison & Arthur Smith for Bold Management
Published by EMI/Full Keel Music & Greyhound Pub. Inc.
P&C 2004 Defected Records Ltd

22. U.P.I. ‘That String Track’
Written by Jerry Melillo, Joe Ruvolo & Ricci Melillo
Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Edited by Jerry Melillo, Ricci Melillo & Joe Ruvolo for Unreel Productions, Inc.
Mix Engineers: Bill Zirchler & Mauro Desantis
Recorded @ Reel Platinum Studios, Lodi, New Jersey
Special Thanks To: Tony Humphries, Mo Arora, Bill Rickett, John Robinson, Mark Thompson, Glen Friscia & Larry La Birt
Published by Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP) & In House Music (ASCAP)
P&C 1991 Strictly Rhythm Records, Inc.

23. Solid Groove ‘Won’t Stop’
Written & Produced by Dave Taylor for Solid Groove Productions
A&R: Rob Acteson
Executive Producer: Peter Harris
Published by Haripa Music
P&C 2000 Kickin Music Ltd

24. Derrick L. Carter ‘Squaredancing In A Roundhouse’ (B.H.Q. Revisits the Classics)
Written, Performed, Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Derrick L. Carter for Chicago, Inc. / Child of Boompty
Recorded @ B.H.Q. during the revelation
Sax bits by the one and only Jack Sondag 
B.H.Q. is good for you!!
Published by Westbury Music 
P&C 2003 Classic Music Company

25. Blaze featuring Amira ‘I Think Of You’
Written & Produced by Kevin Hedge & Josh Milan
Vocals by Amira
Backing Vocals by Amira & Blaze
A Slip N Slide Release
Haripa Music, Kickin Music and Slip N Slide are divisions of Soundz Ltd.
Published by Music Of Nia Songs (BMI) & Haripa Music
P&C 2003 Kickin Music Ltd

26. Park Ave featuring Tony Jenkins ‘Don't Turn Your Love’ (Dangerous Mix)
Written by Rico Tyler & Todd Jackson
Produced by Smack Music
Vocals by Tony Jenkins
Flute by Nyles Arrington
Additional Production & Instrumentation by Kevin Hedge & Josh Milan for Blaze
Keyboard Overdubs by Josh Milan
Published by Campbell Connelly & Co. & Universal/MCA Music Limited
P&C 1987 R&E Music Limited/Movin' Records under exclusive license to Defected Records Limited

27. Dee Dee Brave ‘My My Lover’ (Original Mix)
Written by Holly Simpson & Kerri Chandler
Produced, Programmed & Engineered by Kerri Chandler for Just In Time Productions
Co-Produced by Dee Dee Brave
Vocals by Dee Dee Brave
Published by Campbell Connelly & Co. & Champion Music
P&C 1990 R&E Music Limited/Movin’ Records under exclusive license to Defected Records Limited

28. Loni Clark ‘Love's Got Me (On A Trip So High)’ (Time Mix)
Written & Produced by Lem Springsteen & John Ciafone for Mood II Swing productions for Gregory Ruben Entertainment Inc.
Executive Producer Michael Weiss
Loni thanks: Mike, Mood II Swing, G.R., Little Louie, My Kidz, The Nervous Staff, The A&M London Staff and Simon Dunmore
Licensed from Nervous, Inc. (New York)
Published by Moody Black Keys, A Frank Luz Publishing & Sorted Music adm. by EMI Music
P&C 1994 Nervous, Inc. (New York)

29. Three Kings featuring Jaygun & Bashy ‘Shake Dat Booty’ (Original Edit)
Written by J. Crichlow, D. Sang & S. Mayers
Produced by Ivor Chrichlow & Speni
Vocals by John Chrichlow & Bashy
Executively Produced by DIBS
Published by BMG Publishing
P&C 2006 Defected Records Ltd

30. Kathy Brown ‘You Give Good Love’ (Jay-J's Moulton Studios Mix)
Written by D. Shaw, P. Daou, V. Daou & K. Fisher
Vocals by Kathy Brown
Vocals Produced by Simon Law & Lee Hamblin 
Remix & Additional Production by Jay-J
Recorded @ Moulton Studios, San Francisco
Published by Mad Lip Music, Almo Music Corp./Vandal Music Publishing & Evol Free Music (ASCAP)
P&C 2002 Defected Records Ltd

31. Jasmine ‘How Can You Walk Away’ (Jasmine's Love Dub)
Written by Patrick Doyle & Betty Banks
Vocals by Jasmine
Mixed & Produced by Moises Laporte
Executive Producer: Olivier Obiukwu
Published by Copyright Control
P&C 1993 R&E Music Limited/Movin’ Records under exclusive license to Defected Records Limited

32. Iz & Diz ‘Mouth’ (Brad Peep's Remix For Friends)
Written by Joshua Michaels (Iz) & Dwayne Washington (Diz)
Produced by Iz & Diz for the Bioflavanoids 
Additional Remix & Production by Pepé Bradock & Gift Misc 
No electronic sounds was used on this remix only human sounds through digital treatments.
Published by Fabric Publishing & Copyright Control
P&C 2001 Classic Music Company

Mix 1 Tracklist: -
1. The Believers ‘Who Dares To Believe In Me?’ (Original Mix)
2. Kathy Brown ‘You Give Good Love’ (Jay-J's Moulton Studios Mix)
3. Derrick L. Carter ‘Squaredancing In A Roundhouse’ (B.H.Q. Revisits the Classics)
4. Wahoo ‘Make Em Shake It’ (Original Mix)
5. Son Of Raw ‘A Black Man In Space’ (Sax Mix)
6. Sandy Rivera featuring Haze ‘Changes’ (Original Mix)
7. U.P.I. ‘That String Track’
8. Liquid People & Africanism ‘The Dragon’
9. Cloud 9 ‘Do You Want Me Baby’ (Original Club Mix)
10. Sole Fusion ‘Bass Tone’ (House Nation Mix)
11. Masters At Work ‘The Ha Dance’ (Ken / Lou Mixx)
12. Solid Groove ‘Won’t Stop’
13. Chez Damier ‘Can You Feel It’ (MK Dub)

Mix 2 Tracklist: -
1. Inner City ‘Good Life (Buena Vida)’ (Carl Craig Mix)
2. Dee Dee Brave ‘My My Lover’ (Original Mix)
3. Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto ‘3am’ (Original Mix)
4. Michelle Weeks ‘The Light’ (Original Mix)
5. Marc Evans ‘The Way U Love Me’ (Dim’s T.S.O.P. Version)
6, Dj Sneak ‘You Can't Hide From Your Bud’
7. Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’
8. Loni Clark ‘Love's Got Me (On A Trip So High)’ (Time Mix)
9. Iz & Diz ‘Mouth’ (Brad Peep's Remix For Friends)
10. Three Kings featuring Jaygun & Bashy ‘Shake Dat Booty’ (Original Edit)
11. Todd Terry ‘Jumpin’’ (Original Mix)
12. Photon Inc. featuring Paula Brion ‘Generate Power’ (Wild Pitch Mix)

One Touch [incl. Jon Cutler, Sossa Remix]

New release on King Street SoundsDj Vivona feat. Juliet Annerino- One Touch [incl. Jon Cutler & SOSSA Remixes] is out by 17/Nov/2014

Buy here:

The Hype

Incredibly talented and conservatory trained Italian DJ/Producer DJ Vivona is back on King Street Sounds with his newest single showcasing the talented vocalist Juliet Annerino titled One Touch. Kicking things off, Vivona's original mix of One Touch is a house anthem that will have the club going crazy! Brooklyn based Jon Cutler follows suit with a dark bass driven remix. DJ Vivona changes gears with his Cruel remix changing up the feel and vibe for the after hours. Finally, Rome based remixer Sossa lays down an ethereal yet groovy feel with his final remix. 

The Credits

Written & Produced by Luca Vivona & Juliet A. Annerino
Vocals by Juliet Annerino

#2 Remixed by Jon Cutler
#4 Remixed by Sossa

King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2014 King STreet Sounds

Akylla & DeepHead

Patras Family presents a unique event featuring AKYLLA alonq with RitmoRadio's dj DeepHead.
This Sunday 23rd of Nevember 2014 at PASMAL (Patra,Greece).
Starts at 17:00.

DJ Akylla, resident dj of the legendary party Magna until 2000 and later initiator and resident dj of Breathe Deep-Athens, has been able to identify with the formation of the domestic underground club culture and more specifically with the dissemination of soulful house, by means 90s.

He has received international recognition, participating in both the team's leading and longest underground dance party in New York, the legendary Shelter, and European gigs, alongside leading artists in the field, such as Masters at Work and Francois Kevorkian.

The Akylla today continues with the same passion to travel the loyal audience Breathe Deep, through long sets with deep driving tribal beats and soulful vocals. And remains true to his musical roots in the original philosophy of underground club culture, in which music and dance go hand in hand.

Andyboi - Exlusive Guest Mix for Ritmo Radio

A talented vocalist, songwriter, producer and DJ,Andile Hlanze better known as Andyboi, has been passionate about music his whole life. Singing since the age of four, his performances started in the youth choir at his church and by the time he turned 15 he started to take his music a lot more seriously.
Interestingly, Andyboi was close childhood friends with Soul Candi’s very own, DJ Cuebur. They started producing house music together in high school and several of their tracks quickly gained popularity on local radio stations. After high school, the two musicmad friends, left their hometown, Middelburg in Mpumalanga, to pursue their great dreams in the City of Gold, Johannesburg.Working with a variety of different styles of house, Andyboi is known for being involved with genres like Afro, Soul, Deep and Electronic. His unique ability to add his own lyrics and vocals to his productions has proved to be a great strength in creating his tracks. His voice, often described as strong and soulful with a sweet feminine flair has resulted in him being featured in many other productions from artists like Shimza on the track “ We Going Higher” and Cuebur on the hit songs “Ngiyazifela” and “Be There”. As a vocalist, Andyboi has featured in chart topping songs like “Usangkhumbula” which was a collaboration with successful artists Kid Fonque, Okmalumkoolkat and Cuebur. Equally as successful was “uMajaivane”, a track in which he collaborated with DJ Whisky and Bricks. Both these tracks reached the number 1 spot on the YFM Top 40, Bomb Chart and the Hot Dance99. Looking further back, Andyboi also worked on a track with Infinite Boys called “Round & Round” which did exceptionally well, reaching Number 3 on the YFM Top 40 and number 1 on the Bomb and Hot Dance Chart. He later released a solo EP through Soul Candi Records in 2013 which included successful instrumental songs like “4am”, “See” and “Naked Eye”.

He has worked with some of the well-known artists/DJ’s from the biggest recording labels in SA such as Infinite boys, Cuebur, Shimza, Black Motion, Revolution, Bricks (Mabrigado), Bucie, Demor, Heavy-K (Point Five), Kid Fonque, NaakMusiQ, Bekzin Terris, Sir LSG, Okmalumkoolkat, Mac-G ,DJ Whisky, LilSoul, Mash-O,DJ Bullet, V-underground, Sculptured Music and Reloaded. Internationally he has worked with Paso Doble from Malomenia Records (Canada), Abicah Soul (U.S.A), Azee (Brazil), Johnny Miller (UK) and the legendary Tony Touch one of the biggest hip-hop and house DJ's in the world from New York City (U.S.A) who has worked with some of the big names in the music industry like Little Louie Vega, Eminem, P. Diddy, Fat Joe, Sean Paul, Snoop Dogg, Ruben Blades, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def and Wyclif the list goes on.

April 2014 saw the release of Andyboi’s debut album “Trail Evolution”. The album features 12 original Andyboi tracks which are each uniquely laced with his mesmerizing vocals, spiced up
with captivating instrumentals and tied together by the skillful production of the highly regarded
Cuebur. The 12th offering is an Andyboi remix of Cuebur’s track “No Doubt” featuring MarissaGuzman.
Besides being busy in the studio of late, he is no stranger to live performances. He has been a
part of various events and shared the stage with some of SA’s finest artists such as Zahara, Mi Casa, Liquideep, Big Nuz, Teargas, Euphonik, DJ Fresh, Black Coffee and Bucie to mention only a few. On an international scale, Andyboi was invited to open the stage for Madonna in the US in 2012 but unfortunately was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. This incredible opportunity served as inspiration for Andyboi to work even harder, pursuing his dreams of sharing his music on a global scale.
Andyboi wants to start this international journey by first touring within the borders of his own country, the beautiful South Africa. He hopes that 2014, with the release of his album, will bring many opportunities to tour the country, performing at each small town and every big event. Producing a fresh sound, Andyboi is aiming to provide his fans with “good music that will soothe their souls and keep them dancing”. This undoubtedly, is a passion that cannot be undone.

Yellow Productions: 20 Years of Music

One of the most important french electronic label offers some of his best artists tracks. Discover this amazing compilation from one of the french touch precursor !

El Yunque

El YunqueLouie Vega, Luisito QuinteroVega Records

Vega Records is proud to present "EL YUNQUE", LOUIE VEGA STARRING LUISITO QUINTERO, a track steeped in the core rhythm and spirit that lives within both of these two exceptional artists. Louie Vega is the ultimate Nuyorican, born in the Bronx, NYC and raised not only on his native rich Puerto Rican/Latin music but ALL the sounds and cultures of his city (Jazz, Gospel, Soul, Funk, Disco Fusion, R&B, and More).

Luisito Quintero draws on his own Venezuelan culture and world & African influences to create for "EL YUNQUE" with Louie. EL YUNQUE literally translates to anvil, something heavy you drop that anchors and holds things down and that's exactly what is happening in each and every beat of this track! Fusing Latin, Afro, Soul, Caribbean, Deep House and the percussion genius of Luisito Quintero coupled with his chants "EL YUNQUE" is the ultimate musical experience! Even closer to Louie's roots EL YUNQUE is named after the famous Caribbean Rain Forest of Puerto Rico, reflecting all the natural wonders of sound as those found in the natural wonders of the world. "The beat and this tracks energy run deep, its spirit lives, its timeless and I hope it moves people the way it has for me ", says Louie Vega when asked about the inspiration of this track.Its no coincidence that "EL YUNQUE" is a seamless combination of spirit and sound, the beats lead you, the chant and baseline pulls you in and the rhythm take over your entire soul. Vega and Quintero realized they had a winning formula years ago having already created countless hits with Elements Of Life, but Luisito Quintero's solo album Percussion Madness followed up with Percussion Madness Revisited confirmed that together the possibilities and variations of sounds are endless and plentiful. The solo project took them around the world, touring across Europe and the United States playing additional hits from the various Elements of Life albums which Luisito has been an intricate member of as well. Luisito Quintero is an innovator, taking Percussion to new heights as only he can with his skillful timbale work. Luisito also plays congas, bongos, drum set, djembe, dundun and a wide variety of other assorted percussion Gom Bot instruments. His technique is masterful and unparalleled. Luisito has worked and recorded with, The Rolling Stones, Chick Corea, Vanessa Williams, Paul Simon, Santana, Jack De Johnette, David Sanborn, George Benson, Tommy LePuma, Joe Sampler, Bill Cosby, the late Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, Cachao, Eddie Palmieri, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Richard Bona, Ravi Coltrane, Claudia Acuna, Nathalie Cole, Diana Krall, Roy Hardgrove, Giovanni Hidalgo, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Willie Colon and countless other high-profile music acts. Luisito Quintero brings all this knowledge, experience and history into the studio with him and together with Louie Vega created "EL YUNQUE" for the world to embrace!“El Yunque” is a single chosen from the new upcoming Louie Vega Starring…. Album which will have its official release in March 2015. Get ready to be transported to the deep, sexy, percussive universe of Quintero & Vega.