Dj : Ralf Gum
Radio Show : GoGo Music Radioshow-483
Genre : Deep house,Soulful house,House..
Radio Show broadcast, day/time : Every Tuesday / 19:00-20:00 (Athens time)

Hector Romero on Suburbia Radio Show

Friday 27th of February 2015 the Legendary Hector Romero will be spinning on RitmoRadio.

Hector Romero’s intro into the DJ world began at the age of 13. Then nicknamed “DJ Baby Hec,” the Bronx native landed his first job at
La Mirage, known at the time as one of the hottest dance clubs in The Bronx.
Hector was soon spinning at a number of downtown Manhattan clubs including Save the Robots, Palladium and The Roxy as well as The Red Zone where he met & eventually became David Morales’ opening DJ.

When Hector interacts with his crowd you realize how much passion he has for his craft. He is considered a DJ’s DJ and a significant player in the music industry. It is his eclectic taste that sets him apart from his peers.

As an A&R exec for Def Mix Music and Saw Recordings, Hector works closely with his Def Mix counterparts and Saw’s Satoshi Tomiie to sign some of the finest Dance Music around. With 30+ years of experience as a DJ in addition to his experience as a label exec, Hector is now throwing his musical diversity and eclectic taste into the remix/production arena. Collaborations are in the works with Satoshi, Quentin Harris & his idol David Morales. Expect to hear musical productions that will cement his legacy in Dance Music.

Hector spends a great deal of time traveling and DJ’ing around the world. He can be found stirring up dance floors in Italy, Greece, Japan, Spain and various parts of the world.

Hector says, "I want to contribute to the success of Dance Music around the world and I will always wave the House Music flag proudly"

Andyboi - Nkarabe

Fresh new track by Andyboi.

A talented vocalist, songwriter, producer and DJ,Andile Hlanze better known as Andyboi, has been passionate about music his whole life. Singing since the age of four, his performances started in the youth choir at his church and by the time he turned 15 he started to take his music a lot more seriously.
Interestingly, Andyboi was close childhood friends with Soul Candi’s very own, DJ Cuebur. They started producing house music together in high school and several of their tracks quickly gained popularity on local radio stations. After high school, the two musicmad friends, left their hometown, Middelburg in Mpumalanga, to pursue their great dreams in the City of Gold, Johannesburg.Working with a variety of different styles of house, Andyboi is known for being involved with genres like Afro, Soul, Deep and Electronic. His unique ability to add his own lyrics and vocals to his productions has proved to be a great strength in creating his tracks. His voice, often described as strong and soulful with a sweet feminine flair has resulted in him being featured in many other productions from artists like Shimza on the track “ We Going Higher” and Cuebur on the hit songs “Ngiyazifela” and “Be There”. As a vocalist, Andyboi has featured in chart topping songs like “Usangkhumbula” which was a collaboration with successful artists Kid Fonque, Okmalumkoolkat and Cuebur. Equally as successful was “uMajaivane”, a track in which he collaborated with DJ Whisky and Bricks. Both these tracks reached the number 1 spot on the YFM Top 40, Bomb Chart and the Hot Dance99. Looking further back, Andyboi also worked on a track with Infinite Boys called “Round & Round” which did exceptionally well, reaching Number 3 on the YFM Top 40 and number 1 on the Bomb and Hot Dance Chart. He later released a solo EP through Soul Candi Records in 2013 which included successful instrumental songs like “4am”, “See” and “Naked Eye”.

He has worked with some of the well-known artists/DJ’s from the biggest recording labels in SA such as Infinite boys, Cuebur, Shimza, Black Motion, Revolution, Bricks (Mabrigado), Bucie, Demor, Heavy-K (Point Five), Kid Fonque, NaakMusiQ, Bekzin Terris, Sir LSG, Okmalumkoolkat, Mac-G ,DJ Whisky, LilSoul, Mash-O,DJ Bullet, V-underground, Sculptured Music and Reloaded. Internationally he has worked with Paso Doble from Malomenia Records (Canada), Abicah Soul (U.S.A), Azee (Brazil), Johnny Miller (UK) and the legendary Tony Touch one of the biggest hip-hop and house DJ's in the world from New York City (U.S.A) who has worked with some of the big names in the music industry like Little Louie Vega, Eminem, P. Diddy, Fat Joe, Sean Paul, Snoop Dogg, Ruben Blades, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def and Wyclif the list goes on.

April 2014 saw the release of Andyboi’s debut album “Trail Evolution”. The album features 12 original Andyboi tracks which are each uniquely laced with his mesmerizing vocals, spiced up
with captivating instrumentals and tied together by the skillful production of the highly regarded
Cuebur. The 12th offering is an Andyboi remix of Cuebur’s track “No Doubt” featuring MarissaGuzman.
Besides being busy in the studio of late, he is no stranger to live performances. He has been a
part of various events and shared the stage with some of SA’s finest artists such as Zahara, Mi Casa, Liquideep, Big Nuz, Teargas, Euphonik, DJ Fresh, Black Coffee and Bucie to mention only a few. On an international scale, Andyboi was invited to open the stage for Madonna in the US in 2012 but unfortunately was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. This incredible opportunity served as inspiration for Andyboi to work even harder, pursuing his dreams of sharing his music on a global scale.
Andyboi wants to start this international journey by first touring within the borders of his own country, the beautiful South Africa. He hopes that 2014, with the release of his album, will bring many opportunities to tour the country, performing at each small town and every big event. Producing a fresh sound, Andyboi is aiming to provide his fans with “good music that will soothe their souls and keep them dancing”. This undoubtedly, is a passion that cannot be undone.

RitmoRadio proudly presents: DIM PAP at Dégagé (Lamia)

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 after 19:00 at Dégagé (Lamia,Greece) one of the most favourite Greek djs will be spinning for a special night full of vibes & love for house music. ALong with Marcus Dux (every Wednesday 23:00-00:00 Gmt+2).


Dim Pap commenced his career as a DJ in Mykonos at the legendary Loft – Loft club at the age of 16. After that he was the music co-ordinator at Precious Club, which was amongst the most renown clubs of its era in Athens, famous for its late afternoon house parties held every Sunday.
In 1994 he became the manager of a record store producing house music. It was there that he met DJ Akylla in 1997 who suggested that he becomes a member of the Magna Team which hosted house parties at various clubs on a global level. Since the winter of 1997, Dim Pap co-operated with Magna in clubs such as Kingsize, +Soda, Paradizzio, Macumba e.t.c During the summer of 1999 he went to Aghia Napa (Cyprus) to perform and host the Twisted UK based mobile parties.
The Spirit Of Love parties began in 2000 and became massive via Cariocas Beach Bar, Bossa Nostra, Interni, Balux, Island, Fuse, Paraga Beach Bar, Cavo Paradiso, Cabaret, Venue, Villa Mercedes, Animal, Motel & Letom (all top clubs based in Athens, Mykonos & Schoinos)
From 2004 to 2008 he was co-owner of one of the most influential and successful dance clubs in Athens named Motel and Letom. The club attracted all top global dj’s from the house, electro and minimal tech scenes and is still considered today as the prime dance club Athens has seen.
Dim Pap has gathered great experience and influence by playing alongside musicians such as Dennis Ferrer, Timmy Regisford, Little Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Joe Claussel, David Morales, Eric Morillo, Dimitri from Paris, Lord G, Fiore, Don Carlos, Kenny Carpenter, Danny Rampling, Baby Hec Romero and numerous others.
His choices lie between deep soulful and tech house to deep grooves to tribal and spiritual. Today he is the music co-ordinator at the Spirit of Love parties and at the same time he is producing his own tracks."""

Ezel Loops on Smile & Dance Radio Show

Thursday 12th of February 2015 Smile & Dance Radio Show has another special guest.This time Ezel Loops on decks.

House of Masquerade

Smile & Dance Sundays Presents

Anthony K. (Rhythn Inside - Tribal Winds NY)

ANTHONY K. is an Athens born and based dj and producer. He took his first music lessons on the piano, during his adolescence in early 90′s, from his father, a jazz guitarist, but always seemed spellbound by electronic music. After attending many jazz events and being influenced by House music and clubs such as Faz (Athens), in 1992 he started spinning records from party to party.
In 1998 he launched, a serie of mobile partys called DISCOSMIC Productions and after a few months he reached the Athens legendary “City Groove” club. That was the start for a three years residency (1998-2001) and he shared the DJ booth with many famous DJs. A few years later, in 2001, Anthony founded a company under the label: DISCOSMIC Productions. The company was expanded to a record store, Dj bookings and music productions. In the meantime, Anthony kept updating his music data base on and on, as he was supervising the Jazz Department of the Greek major Record Stores for over five years.
Anthony started his musical productions by releasing his first “White label” vinyl in limited copies and making remixes for friends such as D-Vision & Sunsual’s “A better place” and Influence’s “The Promise”. He has released three personal singles on TRIBAL WINDS, NY. The single “TIME”, a mixed style of afro rhythms and disco influences, including Antonio Ocasio’s Wepa Remix, the single “Do Something More”, an original House oriented track with political lyrics. That one reached no1. And the single: “Don’t You Ever Quit” , a full band house fusion track. He also appears on Melomania Records, in an Afro-House collection with the track “Aborigen”. His own first album is now in progress, named “Working Home” and it will be a collection of personal singles that have been already released and some fresh tracks that will be released in the future. This album will be a mix of nu jazz, afro beats and House music.
Today, you will find Anthony playing music for the best venues in Athens and also producing live house music with his new project: “Rhythm Inside”. A musical live act which weaves a dj set with a live band performance. A two hours nonstop House music audio streaming performed by a DJ (himself), five additional musicians and a singer. This project launched with this specific name, in January of 2009 when the first idea was to create events with “Guests of Honor” (DJs/Artists from all over the Globe) accompanied by musicians. Anthony is turning now Rhythm Inside into a music tree in order to expand its brunches to live acts, music productions and a record label. His two first releases on Rhythm Inside (and Rhythm Inside’s first releases) will be under the name of “Ritmo Dentro” (the Spanish words for “Rhythm Inside”) and the “The Story”.
Anthony still believes in music’s values and provoking its quality.



Born and raised in Athens, began spinning in 2009. Ever since he has played in some of the most prestigious House Music venues of Greece such as Cariocas Beach bar and Mamacas and has since become a member of the Cariocas Beach Bar team playing along side Todd Terje, Joe Claussell, Jihad Muhammad, Jovonn and Kiko Navarro. Aristotelis has a passion for House music with a preference to Soulful House and Afro beats.

Support by (official)

Marcus Dux - Delicate Sounds #60


Dj : Marcus Dux
Radio Show : Delicate Sounds #60
Genre : Deep house,Tech house,House..
Radio Show broadcast, day/time : Every Wednesday / 23:00-00:00 (Athens time)
More about Marcus Dux 

Dream (Incl. DJ Spinna Remix)

United Music Records presents the latest single from the Moroccan artist Cee ElAssaad in collaboration with South African producer ZuluMafia. This track features sultry vocals from Ama Chandra, sure to keep things hot! Includes remixes from the legendary DJ Spinna and DJ FNX.

Already supported by :

Suburbia Radio Show presents...

Friday 6th of January 2015 at 21:00 (Athens time zone Gmt+2) FK Anyway.

“The decks, the disks, the cd and other in the hands of a good dj, are good instruments, the important is to know how to use them in the best way! These elements can become for the dj, as for a good musician, a great orchestra. That’s why today also a dj can ride the classifications with the pieces realized, remixed and produced by him and because the youngs cram to one of his dj set as once only for a rock concert happened. The dj is the new star! Besides also Brian Eno had foretold this in the distant year 83 saying: ” the musician of the future will be the dj! ” A philosophy of life at the base of the profession of the dj always accompanied by a good musical taste, ear, humility and above all passion in these words it is picked the opinion of Flavio Kirilli aka FK Anyway.
Flavio, since from childhood, has been a lover of music and of what rotates around it; he starts to move his first footsteps when he was 16 buying the first console, then growing ,he continues his walk “putting disks” practically in the best clubses of the region.
In 2002 he decides to move definitively to Riccione where all the time there are the most important clubs of Italy. Here finally the dreams become reality, after having worked at the Echoes – Liz and to the Byblos and Pascià. For different years he works to one of the shops of disks more important of Italy, where he enriches his musical culture and strengthens his knowledges with the best exponents of the house panorama national and not only.
DJ from 21 years he has worked in hundreds of clubs in Italy and to the foreign countries, among the most meaningful: Matis (Bologna), Divinae Follie (Bisceglie – Ba), Kamaloca (Campobasso), Nafoura (Castellaneta Marina-Ta), Pick Up (Torino), Dna (Ginosa Marina – Ta), Miu’ J’adore (Marotta-An), Chalet delle Rose (Bologna), Des Alpes (Madonna di Campiglio – Tn), Vanilla (Siena), The Door (New York – USA), NiteFlight (Leibnitz – Austria), Fiesta Club (Bruxelles – Belgio), Penthouse (Copenhagen - Denmark) and so many others…
He has worked with sacred monsters of the House Music, artists of world calibre with which he have had the pleasure to share both the professionalism and the friendship. “It is enought look at them working to understand that from them there is always to learn ” he says with humility…
Between a dj set and another, with friends dj and musicians he moves in different recording studies where he is working at his new tracks....

More about FK Anyway:


* OUT 26.01.2015 *

Georgi Barrel, serves up a pair of hot new tracks and gets remixed by a fine selection names including Adrian, Fasika and Whedler. German producer Barrel has already served up a couple of great Eps on this label but this might be his best yet.As for the remixes, first is Faskia, who flips the track into a spritely, nimble footed and pumping house cut with inviting chords at its heart. Then Adrian toughens out the original with bulbous bass, a new vocal and oodles of deep house charm. Lastly, Whedler remixes into totally different territory - his withering, bubbly, multi-focussed track is uplifting and frictionless and rounds out a solid package.

This is an essential EP for any and all working house DJs who need something fresh for their bag.

Listen & Love!

Dominic Smith & Eoin Brennan - DE1

The track DE1 is a collaboration between two Dublin based DJs and Producers, Dominic Smith & Eoin Brennan. The original mix is a pulsating deep/tech track with a dark atmospheric underground feel. Mick Verma's remix takes the track in a different direction with his trademark laid back deep house grooves and keys.

Vynal K & No Rabbitz / Arabian Nights

"Coming up on Out of Home! Go to House! Records is the 1st EP for 2015 of the Label owners No Rabbitz & Vynal K.

" Arabian Nights " is a tech house "four to the floor" track,full of middle eastern elements and vocals.

The pack is concluded by 3 major remixes from top artists of the moment like Desolat's Thomas Gandey ,Greek legend G-Pal and Quantized Boss Lex.

"Arabian nights" is hitting the stores on february the 27th.

Fanis Stam

Enjoy my radio show on RitmoRadio every Monday 23:00-00:00 gmt+2

Born in 1995 in Athens, Fanis Stam is a dj and upcoming producer of House music. His signature style consists of deep, groovy and emotional music elements.

From his childhood, Fanis Stam was a music collector of different genres , such as Pop, Disco,Hip Hop etc.
In the age of 18, he makes his first appearance in local bars working as a dj. This is when he got attracted to house music. One year later, his need and passion to learn more about music technology leads him to attend DJing courses at the A2 Dj Music Workshop Ath.

Fanis Stam's future plans are many gigs and a lot of music productions in order to show his own taste of music. In the meantime, he is a student of  the A2 Dj Music Workshop Ath, while he also continues DJing at local bars and clubs and experimenting with music production.

Facebook Page:
Soundcloud Page:
Mixcloud Page:

An exceptional party at 2Saints (Lamia)

Location - Lamia,Greece
Venue - 2Saints
Day - Friday,30/01/2015
Time - 9:00pm

Genre - House, Deep House, Tech House..

Friday 30th of January 2015 RitmoRadio producers Energy Soul, Marcus Dux & resident djs of 2Saints bar (Lamia-Greece) David Kassi, Drop invite you to join and listen to some house vibes.

Facebook event:

Learn more about the djs:

Energy Soul

Marcus Dux

Adrian presents:

Push Up
Adrian (UK)

SM022 | 2014-12-22
Via London, Lisbon and Barcelona; sinnmusik* present the follow up to the second installment of their ‘Back ‘N Front’ series and releases from Jason Pepperell and Audio Units with another release from label affiliate and close friend Adrian.
Adrian presents his ‘Push Up’ EP; the title track of which is a typically thumping blend of dense kicks, classic 90’s vocal chops and extended breakdowns that come backed up with remixes from Jamie Trench, Jason Pepperell and Eluize.

Check this out...

Chaka Kenn, Abdul Shakir
Good For You Records

GFY097 | 2015-02-16
 Chaka Kenn is back again, this time with Los Angeles native Abdul Shakir, on a cut called PUSHERMAN. Come and get your fix baby!


Urban Sound Lab, Terrance Downs
Reel People Music

RPM045 | 2015-02-02
REEL PEOPLE MUSIC are delighted to welcome in 2015 with KARMA, a brand new Soulful House gem courtesy of URBAN SOUND LAB.

Featuring some spine tingling vocals by TERRANCE DOWNS, KARMA definitely sets the tone for RPM for the new year ahead.

Produced & Arranged by Curtis Kirkland for Urban Sound Lab
Additional Production by Toni Economides
All Vocals by Terrance Downs
Vocals recorded by Chris Brann
Keyboards by Kaidi Tatham
Drum Programming by Curtis Kirkland
Percussion by Carl Smith
Mixed & Mastered by Toni Economides @ The Bamboo, London.

For more info on all of our releases go to

House of Love Radio Show presents...

Thursday 22nd of January 2015 Dimi Stuff is hosting on his show, Dj Nicolas. Tune in at 22:00 (Athens Gmt+2 time zone) and listen with your soul.

More about Dj Nicolas:

At the age of 16, Dj Nicolas began to collect his disco and house groove vinyls.Only two years later, he started making his first steps towards becoming a dj in the Athens underground network party scene.He continued that way for quite a long time.It wasn't long until he started playing his favourite grooves at bigger and popular clubs in Athens nightlife.In that way , he started making his way up as a professional 2010 he joined the house project called " Ritual Grooves "owned by his closed friend Kd,Today at the age of 29, Dj Nicolas selects to cooperate with the popular yet classy clubs and bars.He gained much of experience Djing with famous Greek and World DJs such as Akylla,Ms Lefki,Osunlade,Ron Trent,Jojo FloresTony Loreto,JihAD Muhammad,DJ Spinna,Jovonn,KiKo Navarro,Ezel,Quentin Harris & moreHaving a deep understanding of music, Dj Nicolas will always find a way to connect with his audience, while bridging the gap between quality pop - freestyle and underground music.Nicolas sound varies from Soulful house to Deep House and Freestyle beats.

Aero Manyelo on RitmoRadio

Saturday its a special day, Aero Manyelo makes an Exlusive Mix dedicated to RitmoRadio and its Listeners around the globe. Tune in at 17:00 (Athens Gmt+2 time zone) and listen with your soul.

More about Aero Manyelo:

The South African Music Industry has evolved beyond recognition…Many artists have backslidden…Many labels have fallen…But Eric Manyelo better known as Aero Manyelo has been able to secure his second release titled ‘Herbal 3 Allstars’ to date. He managed to do this through his self-owned record label , Herbal 3 Records.
The name Aero Manyelo hails from early 2000’s when dance music was staggering into club culture. These were times when big shot label owners sourced music from international waters, and for Aero, it was destiny to feature onto many of these. Having released his first single ‘Mexican Girl’ on Oskido’s Church Grooves seventh series, he understood that as both producer and Dj, he had to work hard to ultimately get his Afro-Tech sound recognized. He managed to tour all provinces promoting his single which then later went on to create a greater following.
He then decided to launch his own record label and release his second HIT track titled ‘My Prayer’ which he first featured onto his debut album titled ‘Still Black’ that did very well in 2008 . ‘My Prayer’ was major league STUFF! It bounced from taxi to taxi, club to club, dj to dj without even losing spin on radio. ‘My Prayer’ became a follow-up release on Oskido’s Church Groove’s eighth series in 2009. It sold big numbers.
By 2010 he had already toured Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana promoting his label ‘Herbal 3 Records’.
He licensed his work internationally to the likes of ‘Nulu Music’, Because Music France, Offering Recordings ,BBE ,Ocha Records ,New State ,Cabana Recordings etc even went on to remix Bobo on Wumni exclusively with Broadcite. He had collaborated with like artists like mOgrigo, The Lottery Ticket, Dj Qness, Wunmi ,Mauritzio , Oluhle ,the legendary late Brett Jackson to name a few.

Useful Links:

Smile & Dance Radio Show presents: Miss Lollipop

A special Guest Mix dedicated to Smile & Dance radio show by Miss Lollipop, dj Aristotelis the host.

More about Miss Lollipop:

Miss Lollipop is known for being in contact with the public, feeling the dancefloor and playing accordingly, always with a preference to House music!!!

Miss Lollipop (Anna Komninou) - started her career in the Entertainment Industry back in 1988 at Earth Media Studios in Sydney Australia as an assistant to Alan Lancaster (bass player for Status Quo). After several years abroad, Anna decided to move to her homeland Greece and get involved with music, event management and djing. She has worked, either as a dj or an event manager, with some of the biggest names in Greece and in the world e.g. Joe Claussell, Louie Vega, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Josh Milan, Osunlade, dj Spinna, Dennis Ferrer, Kikο Navarro, , Franck Roger, just to name a few. For the past few years she is the booking manager and resident dj at the House On The Beach parties at the renowned Cariocas beach bar in Greece. Miss Lollipop is not just a dj, but she is also known for being in contact with the public, feeling the dance floor and playing accordingly, always with a preference for Soulful and Deep House music.

Facebook Page:

Our Story Made By Pete, Penny F - Love & Other

Early Support: Mistajam, Hannah Wants, Tough Love, Mark Knight, Claptone, My Digital Enemy, Full Intention, Mike Mago, Roger Sanchez, Todd Edwards, Panda, Just Kiddin, Sam Divine and more. Love & Other are set to usher in 2015 in style with a new release from recent label recruit and London local, Made By Pete. Featuring the original version, a dub plus two brand new remixes, ‘Our Story’ is a shimmering, down-tempo delight, reworked by two notable up-and-comers, Ben Remember and Newbie Nerdz. A softly stepping house number perfect for sunrise sets, the original track combines blissed-out piano scales, stripped back synths and angelic soprano tones, courtesy of established house vocalist, Penny F. The Made By Pete dub takes ‘Our Story’ deeper and darker and will satisfy listeners looking for a club cut rather than a soothing, after party anthem. Already supported by Hannah Wants, Gorgon City, Mark Knight, Claptone, Mike Mago, Mistajam, Roger Sanchez, Todd Edwards and more, the original song-structure is dismantled and replaced with a thumping skeleton track of biological 4/4 beats and siren sounding synths. Italian production duo, Newbie Nerdz do what they do best with their spin on ‘Our Story’; a chugging bass riff takes front and center aside a melodic top line, that bounces steadily to the kick of a reliable drum arpeggio. Finally Bristol born producer Ben Remember kicks it bold and bassy with his rework, adding a rattling percussive riff and a looping, pitched-up vocal, giving the remix a subtle yet slowly building groove.

I Found The Strength - Carolyn Harding

Title: I Found The Strength
Artist: Carolyn Harding
Produced, Mixed, Arranged by Victor Simonelli for VJS Prod
Mix Engineer and Mastering by: Scott Lees - Groove Technicians
Assistant Engineer: Steven Richardson
Mixed at The Penthouse Suite Leeds UK
Vocals Recorded at Sunbreeze Recording Vodice Croatia
Vocal Recording Engineer: Samir Maslo
All Vocals by Carolyn Harding
Writers: Carolyn Harding (BMI) and Victor Simonelli (ASCAP)
Publishers: Rite Flite (BMI) and Simonelli Music (ASCAP)
Special thanks to:
Nermin Hodzic,Winston Jones, Keith Thompson,Jacob Kelly
For More info contact

Yass Sampler EP

Soulful House Journey: Yass Sampler EP
Various Artists
King Street

KSS 1509 | 2015-02-22
  The Hype

DJing and producing for about as long as the King Street label has been putting out records, Parisian Deep House master DJ Yass has seen more than his fair share of great releases on Defected, D:vision, Purple Music, Kerri Chandler's Grei Matter label, DJ Spen's Quantize Recordings, and many others. Sixth to compile and mix this quality series, Yass follows such greats as Hector Romero, Frankie Feliciano, William Reelsoul Rodriguez, Groove Assassin, and Sean McCabe. King Street Sounds is proud to showcase Soulful House Journey: Yass Sampler EP. Kicking things off, the Parisian tackles the iconic KSS release Most Precious Love from Blaze & Barbara Tucker, reworking the original into a fresh dance floor bomb! Next, Francesco Aquilanti feat. Sandra St. Victor %u2013 Light In My Window gets the Yass treatment with his bass infused Reloaded Deep Mix. DJ/Producer ChrisB follows next with his catchy deep tech original Bedbugz. Slovenian DJ/Producer Benjamin Shock answers with his heavy hitting original mix Live For The Funk. Yass jumps back to remix duty next with his re-work of the classic jOHNNYDANGEROUs & Kenny Bobien release Callin You Lord. Finally, Yass teams up with vocalist Inaya Day for their original house favorite Bring It Up reworked especially for this sampler release!

The Credits

1. Blaze presents UDAUFL feat . Barbara Tucker / Most Precious Love (Yass Stripped Down Mix)
Written, Produced and Mixed by Blaze
Remixed by Yass
Vocal by Barbara Tucker
Background Vocals by Third Ministry Of Faith
True Vibes (BMI) / Music of Nia Songs (BMI)
P&C 2004&2015 King Street Sounds

2. Francesco Aquilanti feat. Sandra St. Victor / Light In My Window (Yass Reloaded Deep Mix)
Written by Francesco Aquilanti, Sandra St. Victor, Roberto Belelli
Arranged & Produced by Francesco Aquilanti
Vocals by Sandra St. Victor
Recorded and Mixed by Francesco Aquilanti @ Naturec Studios Jesi Italy
#1,2,3 Remixed by Yass
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2014 King Street Sounds

3. ChrisB / Bedbugz
Written by Christopher James Budd
Produced by Chris Budd
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2014 King Street Sounds

4. Benjamin Shock / Live For The Funk
Produced & Mixed by Benjamin Shock
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2014 King Street Sounds

5. jOHNNYDANGEROUs feat. Kenny Bobien / Callin You Lord (Yass Re-EDIT)
Written by John Holiday.
Produced by jOHNNYDANGEROUs.
Vocals by Kenny Bobien.
Remix produced by Yass and Sebastien Grand.
Foremost Poets Publishing (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)
P&C 2009 King Street Sounds

6. Yass feat. Inaya Day / Bring It Up (Yass 2015 Classic Re-Edit)
Yass feat. Inaya Day/ Bring It Up (Original Mix)
Written & Composed by Jerome Dufour, Yacine Baki & Alexandre Destrez
Produced by Yass & Alexandre Destrez
Vocals by Inaya Day
Keyboards by Alexandre Destrez
Mixed by Kiki @ Sam - K studio Paris
Atal Music / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 King Street Sounds

Nikos Diamantopoulos - Ritmo 79

Dj : Nikos Diamantopoulos
Radio Show : Ritmo 79
Genre : Soulful House,Afro House,Deep House,House..
Radio Show broadcast, day/time : Every Tuesday / 22:00-23:00 (Athens time)
More about Nikos Diamantopoulos

Nikos Diamantopoulos - Ritmo 79 by Ritmoradio.Com on Mixcloud

Scott Whichello - Soulful Evolution

Enjoy my radio show on RitmoRadio every Saturday at 18:00-20:00 gmt+2

Welcome to Soulful Evolution
Enjoy the hottest promos and new releases from the world of soulful house with the two hour show coming to you on Soundcloud, YouTube & Mixcloud every two weeks.All tracks in the Soulful Evolution shows can be purchased from Traxsource, Beatport or specified on the individual links in the playlists. Also available from other leading digital retailers. Support The Artist...Buy The Music!
If you own the content to a song played in the show or if any artists or record labels involved in this weeks show have any concerns with a track I have played, please contact me and I will be more than happy to remove it from the show. I hope Soulful Evolution helps to promote the future of soulful house. This show is for Promotional Purposes Only!
Keep it soulful!
Scott Whichello
Soulful Evolution

Soulful Evolution Website

Soulful Evolution YouTube Channel

Soulful Evolution Facebook Page

Soulful Evolution Soundcloud page


Enjoy my radio show on RitmoRadio every Sunday at 23:00 gmt+2 

His music is like a journey through images and fascinations. That’s one of the reasons why he continues to gain peoples interest successfully.
Brouss has spended countless hours learning the art of djing and how to mix deep, tech and progressive sounds in order to establish a   perfect result.

Since 1994 we watched him playing in many popular clubs all around Greece. For 5 years he was resident Dj in the Wild Rose club in Athens and 2 more years at Exo club. He continued mixing at Studio 54 in Athens and Mykonos for 4 years, where he made all Saturdays the people go wild!!

One of his characteristics is that Brouss never sleeps on what is already known. Therefor he always takes his music one step forward. His music techniques could be described as aggressive and risky. But that’s also one of the reasons why people responded enthusiastically to his mixtures also at Factory Club in Athens, for 1 more year.

During all this time, he has played along side famous Djs such as Pete Gooding (England), Adam Beyer (Sweden), Kiko Navaro (Spain), Nick Warren (England),Agoria (France) and Luca Saporito (Audiofly)(Italy),Martin Roth (Germany)

For the last years, Brouss is being resident at Mamacas, one the most famous clubs in Athens.
For those who know him and for the ones who really want to enjoy his vigorous style, his events there will give you the best Bio of him!

Further more he has started a very successful cooperation with net radio stations. Starting with Dance Radio Global (, continuing at Mojo Radio 107,7 fm ( with a 2hours programme every Saturday night, 22:00-00:00, for one more year after that he is continuing at Cannibal Radio (,every 2nd Monday of the month 01:00 – 02:00,later for one year also mixing for Liquid Web Radio Radio ( ) every Friday night at 22:00-00:00. Coming up now a new cooperation with Radio Must Athens ( ) every Friday 22:00 - 23:33 ,Join Radio ( every Saturday night 00:00 - 02:00 and Ritmo Radio ( ) every Sunday 23:00 - 00:00 .

“You’ll never know, if you’ll never try…”, is his motto in life. He always tries for people to know what/how music could be like!

N'Dinga Gaba on RitmoRadio

Saturday 17th of January 2015 a unique Guest Mix by N'Dinga Gaba
Time: 18:00-19:00 (Gme+2)


N'Dinga Gaba has been on the music scene for two decades as a DJ, Producer, Musician and Composer. Hailing from Central African Republic with his musical operations based in Baltimore, Maryland, N'Dinga is taking the musical world by storm. N’Dinga has embraced a variety of musical styles over his career. He has played with several symphony orchestras and jazz bands as a trombonist, and as a DJ, has toured with hip hop and rock acts, and is proficient in all styles of electronic music, including, down tempo, broken beat, drum and bass, and house. Also known as “The Diplomat, DJ Nuclear,” and “The Love House Movement,” N’Dinga’s musical style is hard to define.

Currently you can find N’Dinga’s music and re-mixes on top labels, such as, Foliage Records, Sole Channel Music, Offering Recordings, Code Red Recordings, Jinks Inc., and Universe Media, to name a few. He has also had his music featured on compilations, such as 10 Years of Soul Heaven compiled and mixed by Louie Vega (Soul Heaven Records) and on Dj Tira Presents Afro Lounge Vol 2 Mixed by Tumza (Sheleter Music/Afrotainment). With notable hits including, Queen and I Know (Sole Channel Music), Summer Breeze (Foliage Records), and his smash remixes of Muzzaik’s Work It ( Dub Life) and LeRoyal’s Promise (Code Red Recordings), his music continues to dominate dance floors and airwaves worldwide.

Equipped with a number of new EPs including his new group, t3N, on Foliage Records, a new single with Marc Evans (Code Red/Defected), and a number of high profile re-mixes, 2011 looks to be banner year.

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